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“My child reads a lot and somehow I notice that this world of books stimulates her in a way positive. These workshops contribute to her stimulation and communication, take her out of her relationship with the characters in the books and she can externalize her thoughts. The answer received to my question “do you want me to register you for the next meeting?” “Yeeees”, he tells me that she is where it suits her. I noticed that due to the fact that she reads a lot of books, she was able to offer suggestions to other children and this delighted her a lot. Thank you!”


“Mihnea is very pleased with these philosophy workshops: how they are organized, the topics approached and of course the creativity of the teachers and of the participants. Congratulations for moving this workshop online and so the distance between Bucharest and Cluj no longer seems so big. ”


“Miruna is delighted with the ideas discussed and I notice that she doesn’t stop thinking about it even long after the Zoom session ended. Thank you very much for the wonderful workshops and for not forgetting about us event in this pandemic. It was by far our favorite activity from a very wide offer from all over the world. We hope you continue the online workshops in better times also for children who are not in Cluj.”


“She like it, in general. She liked the fact that everyone was asked and that everyone could speak freely, that they did something creative, that she liked the teacher and she learned that she didn’t have to do everything the others wanted.”


“We would very much like, once the epidemic is over and you can meet again at the library, that you don’t forget about those of us who are living abroad and continue to organize online workshops for us, at least once a month. There is nothing similar locally. It’s a great initiative.”


“The ideas discussed are ok, the interaction between the children is a bit lacking, maybe it’s the fault of the defective connection
 at times. ”

“Thank you very much for another wonderful workshop. Stefan wants to continue participating in the PhiloPop workshops series in August. Thank you for everything, I am very glad to have found you and that Stefan has spent many beautiful moments with you in recent months. I hope you continue the digital workshops, Stefan is still very interested.”


“We gathered feedback from the children, as they reflected on yesterday’s workshop.
I didn’t hear them, I think it’s important to be on their own, so I was curious to receive details
about how they felt and what they experienced. We are very grateful to you for making their voice heard and appreciated! Thank you very much!

Amalia: I felt I was doing something important! I liked that we talked a lot about a topic, that there were smart kids. I didn’t like that it wasn’t a story like the last time.

Dalia: It was very nice! I liked that we all had ideas and we compared them and tested them together. My words came out well. (:)) I didn’t like that some children raised their hands and weren’t asked.

Mihai: It was interesting! I also liked the questions and the fact that I had ideas. Along the way I felt comfortable to say what I think. I didn’t like that a child was arrogant.”

Workshop with Peter Worley 2020

“It was a pleasant surprise for Stefan to be able to participate in the workshop.

Of course he liked it a lot because “it made him think.” He’s asking all family members, since yesterday he’s actively searching on the internet about property: who invented it, how was it invented, etc.? He is also troubled by the topic they received and by the personal statement they have to think about. Most of all, I think he liked the fact that it made him think about a subject that is not approached in school or in other environments. “Do you realize, Mom, how many other similar thought topics are there?”
The only thing he didn’t like was that the workshop ended too quickly. “I didn’t get to share all my points of view and discuss them with others.”
Congratulations on everything you do and thank you for this opportunity. ”


“I liked that I interacted with smart kids with good ideas. I was focused and thought a lot. The first time it seemed to me that I said something stupid and I didn’t have the courage to say anything for a long time but then I liked that Peter let us think, that he told me that I thought like a philosopher, like John Locke. I still want to participate.”

“Hello. Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in this workshop. Irina was very pleased with both the subject and the fact that she could speak English. She found it interesting and she said that such workshops “make her think”, to pose problems she would not have thought of before. She wants to participate in your workshops in the future. Thank you. “


“Răzvan was thrilled with the workshop and he mentioned several reasons: first, that he had the chance to meet the author of many of his favorite philosophical stories, especially those ones about Ceebie. 😀
Also he said: I never really thought of what it means to own something. It is not as simple as I thought it was. : )”

The girls were delighted by the story (“she was cute”), by the name OG chosen for the prehistoric man. The general impression: “We liked the whole meeting!” . And we, the parents, thank you very much for the opportunity given to the children to participate in such workshops :).

Best of luck in everything! ”

“Teresa was delighted to participate, she liked the subject and the way it was approached. But she was unhappy that she had expressed her intention to speak, but failed to express all her ideas. She appreciated that the atmosphere was non-critical and she felt relaxed to say what she thought, without feeling judged. “

“Thank you on behalf of Natalia for the special activity she had the opportunity to participate in.
Natalia told me that she liked it very much, even though she was worried that the conversation was in English. She liked the fact that Pete was very attentive to children, even repeating exactly the expressions used by children. She also liked the fact that all the children were encouraged to ask questions and express their opinions about the answers they received. Even though at first she was afraid to speak, in the end it became difficult for her to stop talking. She would love to participate in other such fine workshops. ”

“Paul is very happy, he told me it was an interesting philosophy class and he liked that it was in English. He keeps asking if there will be a summer school of philosophy, last year he participated and he has very good memories. But he prefers to be on-site because he is already bored of online meetings… He did school, English, French, philosophy only online.

A good day!”

“Indeed, it was a privilege for the children to have this chance, so thank you again for everything you do. It was a revelation for me too, so now I’m trying to find Peter’s books to buy them and document myself.

Have a Beautiful day”

“Thank you for the chance you gave Șerban to participate in this workshop. Emotions were more present than I thought :). Șerban was very excited from the moment he found out about this workshop, a delight that increased when he was accepted and his happiness reached a very high point when the workshop started. He really liked the topic and the discussions between the participants as well. The fact that each participant can freely express their opinion is an extraordinary thing that certainly helps these wonderful children in the healthy development of their character. Thank you and I look forward to the next meetings! ”