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The Team

Mihaela Frunză

Mihaela brought philosophy with children to Cluj. She started organizing children’s workshops at the County Library in 2016 and saw the children growing up before her eyes. In 2020 she initiated another type of workshops, for the older children and teenagers of the club, called PhiloPop …

Iulia Grad

Iulia Grad coordinates the activity of the Philosophy Club with children at the “Traian Brad” Branch of the “Octavian Goga” County Library in Cluj. She has been a member of the club’s team since 2016, the year in which she coordinated the “Adventure of Thinking” project, financed through the participatory budgeting process Com’On Cluj-Napoca …

Erzsébet Kerekes

Erzsébet Kerekes works as a university lecturer at the Faculty of History and Philosophy, Department of Philosophy in Hungarian of Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca …

Ariana Guga

4 years ago I entered the adventure of philosophy with children, an always surprising and energizing journey! Each workshop is a challenge, but also a great satisfaction …

Persida Bec

Hi, my name is Persida. I like philosophy and I like children. So, a very harmonious and challenging combination, it was right at the meetings of the Children’s Philosophy Club. That’s how I discovered, surprisingly or not, that every child, when listened to, has something to say…

Livia Creț

I am Livia and this year I made my bangs. I wonder if I’m the same Livia as I was before I had bangs. Identity is a sensitive subject, but it is precisely such topics that interest us and we like to approach them at the philosophy club, both with children and teenagers…

Liana Precup

Children always teach us a way to be very respectful of the world and its components: to ask others and to ask ourselves. Not to decide that you know things well just because you’re an adult and you’ve been through it all…

Iulia Medveschi

Iulia Medveschi is a PhD student at FSPAC, a specialist in brand communication and a collaborator in the Children’s Philosophy Club. In the summer of 2016, she created the Facebook page of the Children’s Philosophy Club…

A part of our team are members of Sophia Network, a European foundation for the development of philosophy activities with children. Sophia aims to bring together different P4C practices from Europe to help P4C teachers and practitioners learn and develop together.


“My child reads a lot and somehow I notice that this world of books stimulates her in a way positive. These workshops contribute to her stimulation and communication, take her out of her relationship with the characters in the books and she can externalize her thoughts. The answer received to my question “do you want me to register you for the next meeting?” “Yeeees”, he tells me that she is where it suits her. I noticed that due to the fact that she reads a lot of books, she was able to offer suggestions to other children and this delighted her a lot. Thank you!”

“Mihnea is very pleased with these philosophy workshops: how they are organized, the topics approached and of course the creativity of the teachers and of the participants. Congratulations for moving this workshop online and so the distance between Bucharest and Cluj no longer seems so big. ”

“Miruna is delighted with the ideas discussed and I notice that she doesn’t stop thinking about it even long after the Zoom session ended. Thank you very much for the wonderful workshops and for not forgetting about us event in this pandemic. It was by far our favorite activity from a very wide offer from all over the world. We hope you continue the online workshops in better times also for children who are not in Cluj.”

“She like it, in general. She liked the fact that everyone was asked and that everyone could speak freely, that they did something creative, that she liked the teacher and she learned that she didn’t have to do everything the others wanted.”

“We would very much like, once the epidemic is over and you can meet again at the library, that you don’t forget about those of us who are living abroad and continue to organize online workshops for us, at least once a month.
There is nothing similar locally. It’s a great initiative.”

“Thank you very much for another wonderful workshop. Stefan wants to continue participating in the PhiloPop workshops series in August. Thank you for everything, I am very glad to have found you and that Stefan has spent many beautiful moments with you in recent months. I hope you continue the digital workshops, Stefan is still very interested.”



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